Bike Rodeo

Pack 867 will be hosting a Bike Rodeo at St. John’s Lutheran Church on September 24th, 2021 from 6-8pm in the back parking lot.
Riders of all ages/ability levels are encouraged to participate whether they are on a bicycle, tricycle, big-wheel, stride-bike, etc.
The parking lot is a great, flat, wide-open space to practice bike riding fundamentals.

Additionally, participation in this event counts towards the “Riding Tigers” belt-loop and likely other adventures. Check your Scout’s handbook for potentially applicable requirements/adventures.


  • Upon Arrival All participants must sign-in at the welcome table to receive an ‘activity station card’.
  • Participants are required to bring/wear at least an appropriate Safety Helmet.
  • A bike maintenance station complete with a tire-pump and basic hand tools will be on-site.
  • The Pack will have ice-water available throughout the event, as well as a basic first aid kit to address scrapes/bumps/cuts/etc.

Time TBD

  • “Rules of the Road” Safety Briefing by Local Franconia Police Dept. Officer


  • The Rodeo will consist of a number of progressive ‘activity stations’ intended to build/test riders skills as well as safety awareness. Riders can attempt/repeat each station as many times as they want.
  • Riders will advance through the stations one-at-a-time, ending with a ‘free-ride’ area where all riders can ride safely together however they like. Aggressive or dangerous riding will not be permitted.
  • Upon completing each station, an adult volunteer will appropriately mark each participants ‘activity station card’. A completed ‘activity station card’ is redeemable for ONE ice-cream sandwich from the welcome table.


  • Cleanup

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

Edward Boriso (Webelos Den 3)